On Supernatural, Felicia Day Makes Everything OK

Last night's episode of Supernatural was complete fan service, which turned out to be a very good thing. Mostly because it involved LARPing and the return of Charlie, the geeky, girl-crazy hacker played by Felicia Day. After helping to dispatch the Leviathans last season, Charlie had to skip town and start a new life… » 1/24/13 4:29pm 1/24/13 4:29pm

Tremble before Wil Wheaton's evil magical cloak from The Guild!

On Felicia Day's fantasy gaming webseries The Guild, Wil Wheaton plays Fawkes, the Machiavellian leader of the Axis of Anarchy online guild. Fawkes is the antagonist (and occasional paramour) of Day's heroic cleric, Cyd "Codex" Sherman. And even though Wheaton's played a major role on The Guild, we've never seen what… » 2/02/12 7:30am 2/02/12 7:30am

Watch Felicia Day throwing daggers and taking names in the first Dragon Age: Redemption teaser

Felicia Day told us about playing Elven assassin Tallis in Dragon Age: Redemption the other day, but now you can watch her in action for yourself. The first teaser includes some tantalizing shots of Elven butt-kicking and general Medieval bad-assery. The actual six-part webseries arrives this summer. » 2/18/11 7:20am 2/18/11 7:20am