This Author Sold a Kale Joke to Asimov's (and You Can Too)

Since he vowed to become a professional SF author two years ago, Sunil Patel has published nine stories. In a two-part essay (Part One here, Part Two here), Patel explains how he wrote each of those stories and made each of those sales. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a science-fiction writer, Patel breaks the… »8/21/15 7:30pm8/21/15 7:30pm

A Podcast From The Perspective of an Imaginary Friend

I was surfing through Itunes the other day when I came across a surprise gem. Stray Ami is a podcast similar to the rather ubiquitous Welcome to Nightvale, in that every episode tells a continuous narrative, rather than your usual podcast format of hosted interviews or full-cast dramas. In many ways, however, it’s… »7/26/15 8:30pm7/26/15 8:30pm