The Rise and Fall and Rise of Space Opera

What do Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Wars, the anime Robotech, and the novels of Iain M. Banks all have in common? They're space operas, part of the scifi subgenre that goes back to the 1930s and includes practically any cool outer-space story with lots of awesome ships and intergalactic battles. Now critics… » 11/29/07 10:00am 11/29/07 10:00am

"Space Prison" Started the Whole Exiled-On-An-Alien-World Thing

What is with abandoning humans on alien planets lately? Marvel Comics started the meme last year with their Planet Hulk series, which saw the Jade Giant exiled to another planet in response to one real-estate-ruinin' rampage too many, and DC Comics have just hit back with their new Salvation Run series, in which lots… » 11/26/07 6:50am 11/26/07 6:50am