The Ivy League of Ancient Roman Gladiator Schools

If you got sent back in time 2,000 years to ancient Rome, you probably wouldn't want to choose a career as a gladiator. After all, it was a messy existence, with a fairly low life expectancy. But if you were up to your eyeballs in debt, or wanted a chance at fortune or fame, you could break in at the top, by going to… » 6/22/12 7:00am 6/22/12 7:00am

Could The Wizard of Oz 2 Be The Most Demented Film Of 2010?

If The Witches of Oz is as wonderfully bananas as the trailer and clips, we're in. A grown-up Dorothy battles to keep Oz from invading the real world, joined by two Hobbits, Christopher Lloyd and a cat-fighting Lance Henriksen. » 4/20/10 10:00am 4/20/10 10:00am

Walter Finally Meets His Match On Fringe

The season finale on Fox's Fringe will give us the epic genius showdown we've been waiting for. We know what team we're on — do you? Spoilers ahead. » 1/26/10 7:00am 1/26/10 7:00am

Repo! Opera Director Is "Not Happy" About Universal's Copycat Repo Men

The release of the organ repossession action flick Repo Men has some crying "copycat." Including Repo! The Opera director Darren Bousman, who claims the projects are way too similar. » 1/07/10 11:24am 1/07/10 11:24am

Evil Orphans Are Ruining It For The Real Orphans

The Adoption Institute's protesting the new horror movie Orphan because they believe it's negatively influencing would-be parents. But frankly if someone goes ahead and adopts one of these soulless dead-eyed kids who weeps blood, they're pretty much asking for it. » 7/21/09 7:00am 7/21/09 7:00am

Peter Petrelli Starts Nerd Fight Club, Breaks First Rule Of Fight Club

Milo Ventimiglia is letting each genre loving maniac have his day. Pitting fan against fan, Ventimiglia's webseries tries to answer the question: "Who would win in a fight, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?" » 5/04/09 11:15am 5/04/09 11:15am