The Exact Moment When I Realized Final Fantasy VII Was A Masterpiece

Long before I became a professional nerd, I was an amateur nerd — reading comics, watching anime, playing videogames, etc. I assumed I'd grow out of these "childish" pursuits at some point. But I also assumed I'd never be as moved by a "nerdy" work of art as a "serious" work of art — until I played Final Fantasy VII. »3/13/15 5:20pm3/13/15 5:20pm

The Steam Achievement That Nobody Unlocked

Some achievements are too easy, at times only requiring players to do mundane things like pressing start. Some achievements pose an actual challenge to players, requiring people to earn their digital trophies. And some achievements? Some achievements just aren't possible, no matter what a game might say. »7/28/14 5:55pm7/28/14 5:55pm