How Much Would It Cost To Raise A Kid Like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes

How much ruin can a 6-year-old possibly wreak (assuming Calvin "represents the worst-case scenario in terms of the amount of damage a child can do")? One dedicated soul has read through the comic's entire run to find out. » 10/08/14 9:35am 10/08/14 9:35am

This Calculator Tells You How Much Money Your Time Is Really Worth

As a finite resource, our time is a precious commodity. But determining the precise value it holds in our lives is not easy. But a new tool can now tell you how much money your time is really worth — and how to spend it more wisely. » 3/31/14 8:40am 3/31/14 8:40am

Here's How You'll Make and Save Money in the Future

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Watch 10 seconds of high-frequency stock trading in super slow motion

Whoa, this is wild. It's a video showing a mere 10 seconds worth of trade activity for BlackBerry on October 2 — and the whole thing runs for over three-and-a-half very busy minutes. » 10/04/13 1:38pm 10/04/13 1:38pm

A new digital ecology is evolving, and humans are being left behind

Incomprehensible computer behaviors have evolved out of high-frequency stock trading, and humans aren't sure why. Eventually, it could start affecting high-tech warfare, too. We spoke with a researcher at University of Miami who thinks humans will be outpaced by a new "machine ecology." » 9/11/13 10:28am 9/11/13 10:28am

Where is the science fiction about ending poverty?

Science fiction is full of inventions that become reality, like killer drones and 3-D printers. So maybe if we wrote more social science fiction about innovations that could help end poverty, those would become real, too. That's what the founder of microcredit believes, anyway. » 4/12/13 12:26pm 4/12/13 12:26pm

Tomorrow's stocks could be traded via neutrino beam

Neutrinos may not travel faster than light, but that doesn't mean they can't be put to good use. By sending encoded pulses of neutrinos on a 10,000 km shortcut directly through the Earth, financial firms and high-frequency trading companies think they can get a 44-millisecond communication advantage over their… » 5/01/12 2:59pm 5/01/12 2:59pm

How noun and verb shortages could predict the next stock market crash

When a stock market bubble is about to burst, financial experts start using all the same words to describe what's going on, even if - especially if - those words are positive. Groupthink doesn't get much more perilous than this. » 7/19/11 11:09am 7/19/11 11:09am

The speed of light could turn the middle of the ocean into a…

When the world's financial giants begin creating vast artificial islands in the middle of the oceans to use as the hubs of stock-trading, it'll all be because of the speed of light. » 3/23/11 4:00pm 3/23/11 4:00pm