In 1948, the First Mass Fingerprinting Operation Snagged a Horrific Child Killer

It was an unbelievably monstrous crime: a three-year-old who was in the hospital recovering from pneumonia was snatched from her bed in the middle of the night, sexually assaulted, and murdered. It appeared the girl had been held by her legs and swung skull-first into a wall until she died. »10/20/15 1:25pm10/20/15 1:25pm


The Bloody Thumb Print That Changed The World Of Crime-Solving Forever

Fingerprints were used for identification in ancient China and Babylonia to mark business deals and correspondence. Though they were studied extensively since then, their value as a crime-solving tool wasn’t embraced until the 1880s — and it wasn’t until 1892, in Argentina, that they nailed their first murderer. »5/14/15 2:18pm5/14/15 2:18pm

Your fingerprint at the scene of a crime doesn't prove anything

We've all seen police dramas where triumphant suspects are appalled to learn that their fingerprint is on, say, the underside of the door handle of the victim's car. But what qualifies as a 'matching' print? And is the system always perfect, or does it make mistakes? Take a look at how incriminating your fingertips… »4/09/12 6:08pm4/09/12 6:08pm