Meet A Couple Who're Living The Most Explosive Life Ever

Fans of oversized explosions, please enjoy Kaboom!, a documentary about Rich and Dee Gibson, who've spent the past 30 years creating intricate pyrotechnic displays for air shows. (They met skydiving.) It's short, surprisingly sweet, and full of loaded observations like "Fire has real life of its own." » 3/02/15 4:50pm 3/02/15 4:50pm

Stare In Awe At This Fiery Footage Of A Solar Eruption In Progress

Massive Forest Fires Could Be Cooling the Earth

Wait, what? A forest fire may not sound like a great way to cool off, but Earth's climate is a complicated beast. It turns out that some of the world's fiercest blazes are actually lowering our planet's temperatures. » 2/16/15 3:45pm 2/16/15 3:45pm

Last Chance to Save on Kindle Devices Before Christmas

If you've been procrastinating on your holiday shopping, and need to pick up a new e-reader, tablet, or streaming box, today's almost certainly going to be your last chance to save on an array of Amazon gadgets before Christmas. » 12/15/14 9:45am 12/15/14 9:45am

Amazon's Thanksgiving Kindle Sale Serves Up Some Tasty Discounts

Amazon's kicking off Thanksgiving with solid discounts on a number of Kindle ereaders and tablets. It's not wholly uncommon to see similar deals throughout the year, but it's nice to have them all occurring at the same time, instead of a la carte. » 11/26/14 11:40pm 11/26/14 11:40pm

What Makes Wildfires So Distinctive?

Wildfires can be alarming in the sheer size and speed. But what are some of the factors that combine to make the scale of wildfire so distinctive? A wildland fire expert — and former firefighter — fills us in on what's going on. » 9/05/14 4:20pm 9/05/14 4:20pm

A Squirt of Flame Forms a Fiery Jellyfish in Microgravity

The Best Free Android Apps in Amazon's Two-Day Giveaway

The Amazon Appstore already gives away one free app each day, but now it's gone and decided to give away 30 apps, worth a combined total of $100, for free to anyone with an Android phone. Here are the pick of the bunch that you should download first. » 6/27/14 8:47am 6/27/14 8:47am

Before and After the Southern California Fires

Last month, a drought, heat wave, and dry Santa Ana winds combined together to exacerbate fires in southern California. Here's a pair of satellite images of the San Diego region in May, separated by just eight days and far too much fire. » 6/21/14 8:00am 6/21/14 8:00am

Infrared Imagery Cuts through Smoke to See the Funny River Fire

The Funny River Fire in Alaska fails to make me giggle. A dry spring and beetle-killed trees created easy kindling for the blaze, which spread to over 192,000 acres since May 19th. With 760 people on the fire lines, it's finally getting under control. » 5/30/14 12:50pm 5/30/14 12:50pm

Burning Oil on Ice Doesn't Work as Hoped

Although it sounds absolutely bonkers, a common technique for cleaning up oil spills is burning as much as possible, then scooping up the residue. Trying the same technique in Arctic conditions is complicated, burning faster but hiding sooty residue within the ice. » 5/28/14 1:30pm 5/28/14 1:30pm

Southern California Fires Demand New Techniques in Fire Science

The fires in Southern California are genuinely different than in the rest of the United States, breaking the well-established rules of fire control developed elsewhere in the country. Research into what makes these fires so different is critical to more effective firefighting. » 5/16/14 12:00pm 5/16/14 12:00pm

San Francisco, 1906, Just Before the Water Gave Out

108 years ago today, San Francisco was a hellish mix of smoke and flame. After the famous earthquake shook the city, broken gas mains fueled a fire that set downtown ablaze. In this picture, you can see what it looked like just before the city's water ran dry. » 4/18/14 5:00pm 4/18/14 5:00pm

How Reckless Golfing Almost Burned This City to the Ground

In August of 2010, a fire that burned 12 acres in Irvine, California was allegedly started by a golfer. His ball had strayed off the green and into the rough, and something dangerous happened when he hit the ball off some rocks. After a scientific investigation, we know what lit the fire. » 3/25/14 9:00am 3/25/14 9:00am

Dust Devil Pulls Burning Tumbleweeds Into A Hellish Firenado

A prescribed burn at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal turned frightening when a dust devil formed, drawing in the fire and nearby tumbleweeds to create a swirling inferno. » 3/24/14 10:30am 3/24/14 10:30am

Humans have been controlling fire for at least 300,000 years

Archaeologists working at Qusem Cave in Israel have uncovered a 300,000 year-old hearth. It's the earliest evidence of repeated fire building over a continuous period by humans. » 1/28/14 2:40pm 1/28/14 2:40pm

This weekend, learn to extinguish a candle with your voice

Got some free time and some candles? Try to extinguish a flame with your voice! We know it can be done, we're just not sure how it can be done. Maybe you'll have a breakthrough. Or maybe you'll just have a housefire. » 11/15/13 11:20am 11/15/13 11:20am