Remember the fireball that exploded over California last week? A chunk of it hit a house.

The odds of getting beaned by a meteorite are low. Like, really low. (In fact, the odds of being killed by a meteorite are actually higher than your odds of simply being struck by one. Yes, really. See here for more info.) But last week, Novato, California resdient Lisa Webber came pretty close. »10/22/12 3:30pm10/22/12 3:30pm

Soccer is for wusses: Barefoot Fireball is the true sport of champions

If you've been looking for a way to spice up your regular soccer game, take a cue from these East Java footballers. They light a coconut on fire, douse all the players in salt and non-flammable spices, say a prayer, and start playing football. Take that, everyone who's ever said you shouldn't play with fire. »10/13/12 7:00pm10/13/12 7:00pm

10 Scariest Asteroid Attacks on Earth: The Near Hits and Approaching Terrors

When it comes to comet impacts, the denizens of Earth may be living on borrowed time. Of course, comets are only about half the problem — there are plenty of asteroids whizzing around the inner solar system too — so we decided to have a look and see just how close modern society has come to destruction since 1900,… »6/20/08 3:20pm6/20/08 3:20pm