In this week's comics, Archie meets KISS and DMZ wraps up!

Look at that cover art above! Archie! KISS! Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Jughead! I'd accuse somebody of going inside my head and stealing my mental fan fiction, but there's no appearance by David Lee Roth as a pyrokinetic centaur! It's fair game! Without further ado, the comics in stores tomorrow! » 12/27/11 9:10am 12/27/11 9:10am

Never-made 1980s action figures turned Robin into Mad Max (and Batman…

In the 1980s, toy manufacturer Kenner produced the Super Power collection of action figures for DC Comics. In an effort to capitalize on the Mad Max craze, Kenner also drafted designs for a line of "anti-hero" toys that recast DC heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman as leather-sporting ruin dwellers. As you can see… » 2/05/11 7:30am 2/05/11 7:30am