This Treacherous 220-Volt Flash Drive Can Fry Your Computer In Seconds

The last thing you ever want to do is connect a random flash drive you’ve found to your computer’s USB port. But a security researcher who goes by the nickname ‘Dark Purple’ has created an even more dangerous flash stick that can physically destroy your computer—not just infect its drives. »10/14/15 4:00pm10/14/15 4:00pm


These creative USB sticks will make your file transfers way more interesting

With the death of floppy drives (you remember those, don't you?), USB memory sticks have become as commonplace and indispensable as mobile phones. But for the most part, they're achingly boring and over-the-top utilitarian. Thankfully, there are still some manufacturers out there willing to put out products that defy… »2/12/13 9:20am2/12/13 9:20am