The New Flash Gordon May Be A Sequel To The 1980 Movie For Some Reason

We all agree that Hollywood is probably too quick to reboot film franchises. However, if there was a scifi property actually ripe for a reboot, it's Flash Gordon, whose last real outing was as a movie in 1980. So of course, instead, Hollywood suddenly wants to make a sequel to the the 35-year-old film. » 3/13/15 12:00pm 3/13/15 12:00pm

Discover The Unique Sounds Of British Science Fiction Movies

One of the most fascinating and memorable things about classic British science fiction is its eerie, jarring soundscape. And just like Doctor Who and other TV shows, a handful of British composers and sound designers did a lot to shape this aural phenomenon. A new BBC radio documentary will open your ears. » 12/23/14 12:15pm 12/23/14 12:15pm

The Most Accidentally Hilarious Lines From Science Fiction And Fantasy

Sometimes our favorite movies and TV shows feature some hideously ridiculous dialogue. And this nonsensical and melodramatic speech is part of why some movies are such a guilty pleasure. Here are the 10 awesomest lines of unintentionally funny dialogue from science fiction and fantasy movies and television. » 11/27/14 11:08am 11/27/14 11:08am

Chris Foss Designed Totally Thrilling Rocket Sled Art For Flash Gordon

The 1980 Flash Gordon movie was a completely berserk masterpiece of weird visuals and over-the-top insanity. But it could have featured even more striking designs in one area: master designer Chris Foss (Alien, A.I., Jodorowsky's Dune) created designs for the Hawkmen's rocket sled that Flash rides, which weren't used. » 9/22/14 10:47am 9/22/14 10:47am

Ted 2 Set Photo Promises More Flash Gordon

The sequel to Seth MacFarlane's big comedy hit Ted (centered around a kids' Teddy Bear that comes to life, grows up, and becomes a problematic adult Teddy Bear with a heart of gold) is currently under production. And main character Mark Wahlberg has released a slightly spoilery set photo that promises the return of… » 9/15/14 8:40am 9/15/14 8:40am

This Is The Most Insanely Wonderful Science Fiction Music Video In Ages

I'll cut to the chase: Around the 1:50 mark in this video, Ariana Grande launches missiles from her breasts at a robot. That would be enough, but her whole attitude is like "Yawn, just another day on Mars." She even tosses her hair and shakes her head while she does it! » 8/13/14 1:30am 8/13/14 1:30am

The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About the Making Of Flash Gordon

The 1980 Flash Gordon had so much promise. They had a budget, an all-star cast, and the filmmaker behind the 1971 classic Get Carter. They had Queen! How many shit-storms had to coalesce to create this altogether Perfect Storm of movie failure? Quite a few. Here are the weirdest secrets of the making of Flash Gordon. » 5/02/14 1:30pm 5/02/14 1:30pm

Do We Already Know The Villain Of The Walking Dead Season 6?

Benedict Cumberbatch bows out of not one, but two major franchises. On the other hand, Harrison Ford's totally on board a Blade Runner sequel, and Paul Bettany talks playing the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And tons of information about Warehouse 13's final season. Spoilers now! » 4/15/14 6:00am 4/15/14 6:00am

Space Heroes Who Should Get Movies if Guardians of the Galaxy is a Hit

Will Guardians of the Galaxy be the next Avengers, or the next Green Lantern? Or something in between? Only time will tell — but everybody's dying to see whether Marvel's huge, ambitious bet pays off. And if it does, here are a dozen other space heroes who could rock their own movies. » 2/24/14 12:17pm 2/24/14 12:17pm

The Coolest Helmets, Hats and Headpieces in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science fiction and fantasy is full of amazing pieces of headgear. From space helmets to wizard hats, there are countless examples of cool things to wear on your head. Here are 40 of the most awesome, iconic, and fun examples of hats and helmets from science fiction and fantasy. » 2/11/14 11:10am 2/11/14 11:10am

The Queen from Aliens poses for her Mondo portrait

You've seen the queen from Aliens many times before. But check out our exclusive first look at Mondo's new poster art, which aims to show you the ultimate version of the queen. Artist Jason Edmiston tells us his goal is to make it look as though the queen came and posed for him. » 8/19/13 10:50am 8/19/13 10:50am

What if Pixar remade Flash Gordon and other pulp classics?

We've seen Andrew Stanton's vision for John Carter of Mars, but what if Pixar made CG animated versions of Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, and other pulp stories? » 6/16/13 2:00pm 6/16/13 2:00pm

10 Genres that Superheroes Have Swallowed Up

Superheroes aren't just one genre. They're tons of genres, smushed together. Aliens rub elbows with supernatural beings. Gods walk side by side with monsters. Over the decades, superheroes have borrowed from other genres, sometimes swallowing them whole. Here are 10 genres that got absorbed into superheroes, partly or… » 6/05/13 10:07am 6/05/13 10:07am

It’s Repo Man vs. Iron Man vs. Gunman in this week’s DVD releases!

Quentin Tarantino’s latest alt-history opus, Marvel’s latest movie team-up, and Criterion takes on one of the greatest cult films of all time are all part of this week’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases! » 4/15/13 1:40pm 4/15/13 1:40pm

The 20 Most Epic Beards and Mustaches in the Multiverse

They say the truest test of a man is his ability to grow and maintain facial hair. Admittedly, I have no idea who "they" are in this instance, but its obvious why they're preoccupied with what happens above and below a man's lips — it can make the difference between shame and dignity, between class and boorishness,… » 4/01/13 12:00pm 4/01/13 12:00pm

Ralphie teamed up with Flash Gordon in a deleted scene from A Christmas…

'Tis the season to watch A Christmas Story over and over and over again. But even if you watch the full 24-hour annual marathons, you might have missed this tidbit in the credits: two actors are credited as playing Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless. That's because the movie was originally supposed to feature a… » 12/22/12 1:00pm 12/22/12 1:00pm

10 Most Inexplicably Tiny Outfits in Science Fiction History

When you boldly venture into the unknown, you have to show some skin to prove your total bravery. So skimpy, ultra-revealing outfits are a major part of science fiction in film and television, and the genre world would be nothing without these inexplicably tiny outfits. » 10/05/12 10:38am 10/05/12 10:38am

10 Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Lines from Science Fiction and…

One of the great joys of watching science fiction and fantasy is to appreciate the unintentionally hilarious lines that come out of people's mouths sometimes. It's inevitable that when you're exploring mind-expanding premises and weird worlds, you're bound to run into some really insane conversations. » 8/03/12 10:43am 8/03/12 10:43am

How Flash Gordon Inspired Charles Bolden To Become the Head of NASA

When Charles Bolden enrolled in the U.S. Naval Academy for college, he was absolutely sure of two things. The first was that he was never, ever going to fly airplanes. The second was that he was definitely not joining the Marine Corps when he graduated. » 7/25/12 9:30am 7/25/12 9:30am

How to Create a Brand New Iconic Hero or Villain

Over a decade into the 21st Century, our imaginations are captivated by creations of the 19th and 20th. Sherlock Holmes rules television and movies. We're eagerly awaiting new movies about James Bond, Captain Kirk, Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. Where are the 21st Century mass-media heroes and villains? Why isn't… » 1/24/12 12:32pm 1/24/12 12:32pm