The 10 Most Expensive Flops In Television History

Every time a TV show gets greenlit, it's a huge gamble. Networks stake millions of dollars on risky ideas, that need to bring back audiences week after week. Sometimes it pays off — Lost and Game of Thrones cost a lot of money — but sometimes it doesn't. Here are the 10 most expensive failed TV shows of all time. » 10/23/14 10:26am 10/23/14 10:26am

Don't get too attached to Intelligence -- its ratings are in freefall

Television shows often seem to experience huge ratings drop-offs after their first episodes. But even so, this is really something. Intelligence went from 16.6 million viewers in its first week to 6.1 million in its second. » 1/27/14 10:09am 1/27/14 10:09am

The Moment When Science Fiction Split off From Competence Porn

Science fiction used to be almost synonymous with "competence porn," stories about smart people who solve challenges by knowing what they're doing. But lately when it comes to movies and TV, it seems like Americans love competence porn, and they love science fiction... they just don't love them together. What happened? » 8/12/13 1:00pm 8/12/13 1:00pm

Now that everybody's already copied The X-Files, is Chris Carter…

It's hard to imagine what television would look like without The X-Files to borrow from. Tons and tons of television shows have lifted pieces of the classic show's format, about FBI agents and mysterious, sinister events. So it's kind of sad to see that Chris Carter is creating a new show that, at first blush, sounds… » 10/07/12 8:30am 10/07/12 8:30am

We are in a golden age of awful television

There's an argument that we are in a new golden age of television, with the rise of serialized storytelling and original cable programming. But these exact same forces have also created some spectacularly awful TV, particularly in science fiction. » 1/16/11 6:15pm 1/16/11 6:15pm

Will Terra Nova be the new Lost... or the new FlashForward?

Steven Spielberg's time-travel-with-dinosaurs show Terra Nova has been drawing plenty of comparisons to Avatar. But when the show revealed its first trailer to critics, the comparison on everyone's mind was television's former mega-hit, Lost. » 1/13/11 8:30am 1/13/11 8:30am

Lessons that 2010 taught the entertainment industry

This was a year of hard lessons. Movie attendance and ticket sales fell. Television shows struggled and died. Book publishers faced an electronic future. And through it all, some great works of the imagination thrived. What did 2010 teach us? » 12/29/10 1:27pm 12/29/10 1:27pm

Worst television versions of science fiction and fantasy books

The Walking Dead carried all our dreams on its undead shoulders. We're all hoping HBO's Game of Thrones will also rule. But sadly, television has an even worse record of adapting books than movies. Here are 10 book-to-television embarrassments. » 11/01/10 3:34pm 11/01/10 3:34pm

August DVD releases, from Blipverts to comix documentaries

Have you been waiting forever for Max Headroom on DVD? Your dreams come true this month. We've got a rundown of noteworthy August DVD releases, from the very good to the, well, watch at your own risk (hello, Heroes!). » 8/03/10 3:00pm 8/03/10 3:00pm

Is FlashForward getting a new future on Starz?

Flashorward may have been canceled, but that doesn't mean this show is dead... yet. A devoted army of fans won't let it die, and they're reporting that Starz is interested in bringing it back on their cable channel. » 7/21/10 7:00am 7/21/10 7:00am

Recap of the damned: the last episode of FlashForward, ever

Last week, FlashForward protagonist Mark Benford barged into my home, soused to the gills and absolutely livid that ABC axed his show for Fall 2010. Since then, we've reached a shaky rapprochement, had some bro-chat, and wrote FlashForward's ending. » 5/30/10 6:40pm 5/30/10 6:40pm

Don't hold your breath for "the next Lost" on television

What TV show is going to be the new Lost? People keep asking. But the sad fact is, it may take a few years before we see anything like the island-castaway show again. Real-life spoilers ahead. » 5/28/10 10:30am 5/28/10 10:30am

An Avengers casting rumor that won't die, Inception hints, and a Eureka…

Some rumors are just too good to die, and apparently Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye is one of them. Cillian Murphy promises Inception won't leave you cold. George Romero thinks there's plenty of life in the Dead series. So many spoilers! » 5/27/10 6:00am 5/27/10 6:00am

Chuck and FlashForward end with a bang, plus complete insanity on…

We're at the tail end of the spring finales this week as Chuck and FlashForward call it quits (for the summer and forever, respectively). Also, new Ashes to Ashes and Next Generation and Doctor Who marathons. » 5/24/10 9:00am 5/24/10 9:00am

The second-to-last FlashForward recap...guest-starring Mark Benford!

I was going to recap the penultimate episode of FlashForward, but I was sidelined by an unexpected guest. The star of the show, Mark Benford, materialized on my doorstep drunk as a skunk and totally despondent about his show's cancellation. » 5/22/10 1:00pm 5/22/10 1:00pm

First look at Cowboys And Aliens, and NPH on The Smurfs set. Plus…

Jon Favreau posted a Cowboys And Aliens glimpse. Neil Patrick Harris was spotted in Smurfland! Will Harry Potter's two-part finale make major changes to the book? Plus Doctor Who, Lost, Skyline, Twilight, Transformers, Fringe, No Ordinary Family and True Blood. » 5/19/10 6:00am 5/19/10 6:00am

Holy Fish Biscuits! It's The Series Finale Of Lost!

This week offers us a solid 3.5 hours of new Lost, but it's the last new Lost we'll ever get. That is, until The Lost Polynesian Christmas Reunion Special of 2020. Also, the season finales of V and Fringe! » 5/17/10 9:00am 5/17/10 9:00am

How Does One Recap A Show Without A Future?

With Flashforward not returning this fall, it seems a tad moot to recap this episode. We're doing this for posterity's sake at this point, people. » 5/15/10 8:00am 5/15/10 8:00am

Heroes And FlashForward Canceled, But Chuck Lives On

Plans to turn Heroes into a 13-episode miniseries or four-hour TV movie have been scrapped. Instead, NBC has officially decided to cancel the series. FlashForward also died its long-predicted death as well, but Chuck has survived the fallout yet again. [THR and Ausiello ] » 5/14/10 2:56pm 5/14/10 2:56pm

V Picked Up For A Second Season!

It's a good day to be an evil invading lizard. After the latest episode showed a 14 percent ratings spike, ABC has renewed V for a 13-episode second season. FlashForward, meanwhile, may not be seeing much more of a future. » 5/13/10 8:22pm 5/13/10 8:22pm