Fatal Shooting Erupts At Zombie-Themed Art and Music Festival in Florida

A 20-year-old man was killed and five other people were injured just before midnight on Saturday at “ZombiCon,” an undead-themed art and music festival in Fort Myers, Florida. As of Sunday night, the shooter was still at large. The event is billed as Florida’s “largest gathering of zombies and those who love them.” »10/18/15 11:48pm10/18/15 11:48pm

In 1979, An Entire Science Class Went "Berserk" After Being Hypnotized

On October 25, 1979, students at a Miami military academy experienced a frightening outbreak of sudden mass hysteria that began in a science class and spread throughout the school. A newspaper article published the next day used a single-word headline to mull the cause: “DEMONS?” Demons? Probably not. »8/26/15 7:05pm8/26/15 7:05pm