A Floating Ecopolis for the Age of Rising Seas

When climate change allows oceans to wash over the lands we once called home, you're going to want to immigrate to one of the ecopolises that Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut created for his LILYPAD concept project. Callebaut's cities will float on the oceans swollen by the water from melted icebergs, and produce… » 7/29/08 7:00am 7/29/08 7:00am

Waterworld's Aquatic Dystopia Is A Design Breakthrough

Waterworld may have drowned at the box office, but this shot of Kevin Costnersailing into the 1,021 ton floating city shows how breathtakingly original and stark its postapocalyptic vision was. Critics mocked Waterworld's massive $175 million budget, but the truth is, you can see every penny on screen. The makers of … » 11/21/07 10:03am 11/21/07 10:03am