An Interactive Map of Racist, Homophobic and Ableist Tweets in America

This is The Geography of Hate – a cartographical collection of every geotagged tweet in the continental U.S. between June 2012 and April 2013 in which the word "chink," "gook," "nigger," "wetback," "spic," "dyke" "fag," "homo," "queer" or "cripple" was used in an explicitly negative way. » 5/10/13 11:23am 5/10/13 11:23am

Map of the Pope's followers on Twitter confirms: Earth is rife with godless heathens

More than one billion people around the world call themselves members of the Catholic Church, but as of December 8th, only 546,765 of them were following Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter (nom de tweet: @pontifex). Here's how Catholicism's truly faithful followers are spread out around the world. » 12/19/12 8:40am 12/19/12 8:40am

Tweets of the words "beer" and "church" by U.S. county

It's Friday. For many people the weekend will bring two things: Sunday services and late-night booze-fests. Which does your corner of the country hold most dear? » 7/06/12 8:15am 7/06/12 8:15am

, a visualization of America's devotion to piety and alcohol, 140-characters at a time. Up next: analysis (). Floatingsheep's Monica Stephens runs us…