Finally, a functional flying car that actually looks pretty cool

People complain that we still don’t have flying cars, but that’s not entirely true. There’s the Terrafugia Transition, but it looks like a piece of crap — a plane that we’re supposed to believe is car. Thankfully we now have the Aeromobil Roadable Aircraft — a sexy Slovak-designed car that just made its first flight. »10/21/13 4:20pm10/21/13 4:20pm

Custom-built Hoverbike prototypes are now available for purchase

Back in June of last year we told you about Chris Malloy's awesome Hoverbike, a Star Wars Speeder-like aircraft that is ridden like a motorcycle but has ducted fans at the front and back instead of wheels. While the Hoverbike cannot be purchased commercially (yet), Malloy is offering to construct custom built versions »8/09/12 5:49pm8/09/12 5:49pm

It’s a Car! It’s a Plane! It’s the 1952 Fulton Airphibian!

Less a flying car than a driving airplane, the “Airphibian” was a plane/auto hybrid designed and built by Robert Fulton. In 1950, it became the first “roadable aircraft” to be certified by the FAA. Top speeds were 55 mph on the ground; a “sluggish” 110 mph aloft. While the prototypes logged some 200,000 miles between… »6/19/08 4:20pm6/19/08 4:20pm

In the Far Future of 1980, the Government Tells You Who to Marry

Last week we told you about a miniature model of a futuristic New York City built for Just Imagine, a campy SF epic from 1930. Here's a clip of that set in action, set in a world where "everyone has a number instead of a name," and the government "tells you who to marry." Nevertheless, boys are still cruising girls… »6/02/08 4:20pm6/02/08 4:20pm