Real-Life Flying Saucers Prove That the Truth Is Right Here

We introduced you some of the weirdest aircraft of the 20th century before, but now it's time to talk about Earth's fleets of flying saucers. Check out these vehicles and concepts that show how we've been building UFOs all along. » 6/19/13 3:37pm 6/19/13 3:37pm

Autonomous "Flying Saucers" to Aid Military in Battle

Click to view » 8/29/08 10:27am 8/29/08 10:27am Small, autonomous "flying saucers" are going to become the next big thing in recon and surveillance on the battlefield — at least, if British firm GFS has anything to do with it. GFS (which stands, charmingly, for "Geoff's Flying Saucers") has prototyped its new model of flying saucer (pictured), called the…