Bask In The Beauty of Waves Of Fog On A Moonlit Night

The fog of San Francisco is epic, a distinct character as iconic as Golden Gate Bridge. This is a visual ode to a single night of thick, flowing fog unlike anywhere else, and an undeniable reminder of the fluidity of air. » 9/15/14 12:03am 9/15/14 12:03am

Incredible time-lapse of fog flowing over San Francisco for 2 years

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the fog roll in over San Francisco. Often it looks like water flowing in slow motion. And now, in this mesmerizing time-lapse film, you can see just how similar the fog's motion really is to an airborne flood. » 7/08/13 11:33am 7/08/13 11:33am

Forests, fog and light make these long-exposure photographs look likeā€¦

Here's a little five minute vacation for your brain. Check out these gorgeous images from Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel, who rises early to catch the stunning morning scenes pictured here. Captured in the rolling mountains of Poland and the Czech Republic, jaw dropping doesn't begin to describe them. » 11/20/12 10:43am 11/20/12 10:43am

Night And Fog's WW2 Super Zombie Soldiers Shamble Onto The Big Screen

Ready for a new spin on an old plague/zombie movie? What about a period piece film that deals with WW2 experimentation gone horribly wrong? The comic book Night And Fog will be bringing its mutated soldiers to the big screen. » 12/29/09 4:03pm 12/29/09 4:03pm