Behind-the-Scenes Hunger Games feature takes us inside the deadly arena

Entertainment Tonight went behind the scenes with the cast and crew of The Hunger Games. Aside from learning that Elizabeth Banks is very, very excited to play Effie Trinket, we see some behind the scenes shots from inside the Hunger Games arena — complete with a few fiery explosions. Plus, we see Peeta's allegedly… » 3/11/12 7:30am 3/11/12 7:30am

Happy birthday, Lincoln! Here's the first footage from Abraham Lincoln:…

The full trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter doesn't hit the Internet until tomorrow. But we get a very small peek at footage from the historical fantasy film in this segment, aired on the occasion of Lincoln's 203rd birthday. » 2/12/12 5:49pm 2/12/12 5:49pm

New Total Recall footage shows off its big bad, Bryan Cranston

How different will the new Total Recall reboot be from Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic Mars mystery? The answer is "entirely." At least that's what we got from the few glimpses of new footage screened at New York Comic Con. » 10/16/11 3:50pm 10/16/11 3:50pm

New Walking Dead footage introduces a bunch of new survivors

Brand new footage from the second episode of Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead was screened at New York Comic Con. And what we saw were a whole lot of new faces not from Robert Kirkman's comic book. » 10/10/10 6:40pm 10/10/10 6:40pm

Worst time-traveling serial killer ever: The Texas time-travel massacre!

Kylie Travis is fleeing from a gun-toting serial killer (James Belushi with a truly rotten Texas accent) when she stumbles into a time machine that zaps her back 20 minutes, to listen to Belushi's dreadful blow-job jokes all over again. » 8/03/10 5:30pm 8/03/10 5:30pm

We've Seen Rorschach's Face! Plus, Gibbons Talks Watchmen 2

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons popped by with new exclusive footage. And even though Gibbons joked with the eager crowd that the new footage was "not a squid," it was possibly just as exciting. Spoilers. » 2/07/09 9:30am 2/07/09 9:30am

Don't Pull A Wanker Star Trek Move

J.J. Abrams is tacking the teaser trailer for Star Trek onto the front of his monster movie Cloverfield, which opens in three weeks. The whole thing smells wanky. Does Cloverfield really need any more buzz to get people to go see it? Why not just film a better ending to Abrams' Alias series and tack that on as well,… » 12/28/07 12:30pm 12/28/07 12:30pm