NFL Fans By U.S. County, According to Twitter

Earlier this year, Facebook used information gathered from its users to determine the most popular NFL team in every U.S. county. Now, Twitter has released its own map of NFL fandom in America – and Twitter's version is interactive. » 10/22/14 5:54pm 10/22/14 5:54pm

Let's Play a Sci-Fi Trope Drinking Game with EKU's Football Intro Video

This is it. This is every now-ubiquitous sci-fi thriller trope, presented to us in the form of Eastern Kentucky's football team intro video. It's less than a minute and a half long, but it's a great way to get drunk quickly. » 9/18/14 11:30pm 9/18/14 11:30pm

A County-By-County Map Of NFL Allegiance

Facebook's Data Science team has released its 2014 NFL American Fandom Map, to mark the beginning of the NFL season. The map uses Facebook "likes" to determine the most popular NFL team in every U.S. county. The result is "one of the most comprehensive samples of sports fanship ever collected." » 9/07/14 10:30am 9/07/14 10:30am

Statistical Proof That Lionel Messi Is the Best Soccer Player On Earth

Over at FiveThirtyEight Sports, Benjamin Morris makes a thoroughly convincing case that Argentina's Lionel Messi is the world's best soccer player. Even if you're not big on sportsball, the statistical rigor in Morris' analysis –and the athletic supremacy revealed thereby – is enough to make any data nerd squee. » 7/03/14 3:30pm 7/03/14 3:30pm

Great Game of Thrones Soccer Uniforms Prove We Need A Westeros World Cup

You might have heard there's some kind of soccer/futbol/football sporting event happening this week. I assumed that's what inspired artist Nerea Palacios to design these amazing Nike-style, Game of Thrones soccer uniforms for the major Houses of Westeros. They're fantastic. » 6/27/14 8:00am 6/27/14 8:00am

Stephen Hawking's Formula For England's World Cup Success

Physicist Stephen Hawking has temporarily set aside his work on black holes and existential threats in favor of something far more elusive: Trying to figure out the conditions under which the English soccer squad could actually win a World Cup — something they haven't done since 1966. » 5/28/14 12:20pm 5/28/14 12:20pm

With Regard to the Footballs

One of the top comments on yesterday's post about a picture of Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen all geared up for the Super Bowl came from NGEFAN, who wrote: "I've never understood the dislike/indifference towards American football and sports in general that people have on here." On that point, I'd like to… » 2/02/14 10:15am 2/02/14 10:15am

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen sure do know how to football

As someone whose attitudes towards NFL matchups could best be described as something between indifferent and aggressively indifferent, I can say with all authority that this is the greatest Super Bowl themed photo ever taken. (Seriously, though – it's got to be up there, right?) » 2/01/14 7:30am 2/01/14 7:30am

NFL Player Announces "Hogwarts" as Alma Mater

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, a Carolina Panthers player declared his alma mater to be "Hogwarts" in the opening minutes of Sunday Night Football. I was so certain of what I thought I'd just heard but was still incredulous b/c I wasn't paying enough attention to the screen to see the guy hamming it up in… » 12/10/13 12:14pm 12/10/13 12:14pm

Watch Gotham play Metropolis in the Batman vs. Superman football game

Watch Gotham City University take Metropolis State University on the Batman Vs. Superman movie set. Is it weird (or awesome) that this is the second fake town superhero football team we've seen? » 10/21/13 6:58am 10/21/13 6:58am

Gotham and Metropolis football jerseys for Batman vs. Superman

It looks like Batman and Superman won't be the only ones facing off in the Man of Steel sequel. Gotham City University and Metropolis State University will also have a showdown—on the football field. » 10/19/13 3:30pm 10/19/13 3:30pm

When is a flop truly a flop?

Greetings, fellow denizens of the post-apocalypse! The ol' mailbag was full before people had recovered from Comic-Con, so I expect to have plenty of questions about what went down (hint hint). Meanwhile, let's talk about Hollywood's perception of failure, the greatest superhero football team of all time and why I… » 7/24/13 8:20am 7/24/13 8:20am

The first G.I. Joe/Cobra intramural football game was stupider than you…

We all agree that, no matter where you stand politically, it's a good thing to "support the troops." But what if, instead of defending our freedom, the troops were playing football games with terrorists? That's the question posed by one particular episode of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, titled "Pigskin Commandos."… » 2/28/13 11:00am 2/28/13 11:00am

Pixar animator recaps the NFL season as epic comic battles

If you've been mourning the end of the NFL season this week, you can still relieve some of the season's greatest showdowns thanks to Pixar animator Austin Madison. His series of "Fantasy Football" sketches pits NFL mascots against one another in fantastical cartoon battles. » 2/09/13 10:30am 2/09/13 10:30am

NFL fans by U.S. county, according to Facebook

On the surface Facebook is a social network, but those in the know recognize that it's actually one of the largest datasets of human trends, preferences and activity ever catalogued. One way to appreciate the vast potential of this dataset is to use the company's new Graph Search to find people who like "shitting… » 1/29/13 6:40am 1/29/13 6:40am

Soccer is for wusses: Barefoot Fireball is the true sport of champions

If you've been looking for a way to spice up your regular soccer game, take a cue from these East Java footballers. They light a coconut on fire, douse all the players in salt and non-flammable spices, say a prayer, and start playing football. Take that, everyone who's ever said you shouldn't play with fire. » 10/13/12 4:00pm 10/13/12 4:00pm

The abandoned Houston Astrodome will host the Super Bowl on Ragnarok

Despite its historical distinction as the world's first domed stadium, the Houston Astrodome (a.k.a. "The Eighth Wonder of the World") has languished unused since the late 2000s. In the ensuing years, Houston-area sports teams have moved on to other venues and the elements (and an electrical fire) have taken its toll… » 4/05/12 7:40am 4/05/12 7:40am

The Secret Satanic Conspiracy Behind Madonna's Halftime Show

Sure, M.I.A.'s waggling middle finger caused a grand mal kerfuffle among the 37 Super Bowl viewers who were still sober enough to notice it. But far more insidious symbolism was at play during the 2012 halftime show. We are referring to, of course, the subliminal Satanic-Illuminati-Freemason messages that permeated… » 2/08/12 7:20am 2/08/12 7:20am

The New Orleans Saints hired a Voodoo priestess to fight a ghostly…

Today, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots battle for football supremacy, while fans sit at home with their lucky jerseys and their game day rituals. But some teams need a bit more mystical help than others. In 2000, the New Orleans Saints called in the big guns to combat the ghostly curse on their… » 2/05/12 11:00am 2/05/12 11:00am