Paging Michel Gondry: Amazing Battlestar Galactica puppets for sale

io9 reader Brian Hogg is selling his marvelous BSG puppets. Now is your chance to recreate the dynamic space opera with puppets! You shoot it, we'll post it. The puppets are priced at $500.00 each on ebay.
» 2/08/11 12:03pm 2/08/11 12:03pm

True Blood's tacky vampire sun room is up for sale!

The best part of the Queen of Louisiana is her gaudy vampire sun room, where she and her vampire subjects can lounge in faux-light. Now you too can enjoy the 500,000 seashell-lined walls, for a mere $35 mil. [Yahoo] » 11/19/10 1:33pm 11/19/10 1:33pm