Concept Art for the Forbidden Planet Remake That Never Was

In 1995, Irvin Kershner tried to make a remake of the classic Forbidden Planet. The project never materialized, but Kershner had already marshaled the artistic talent of Ralph McQuarrie, John Eaves, Mark McCreery, Syd Mead, and Stan Winson. And the early concept work of McQuarrie and Mead is readily accessible today. »7/08/14 4:30am7/08/14 4:30am

The "sensational" movie that ended the career of Forbidden Planet's director

In 1956, Fred M. Wilcox was at the top of his game in Hollywood. His iconic science fiction movie Forbidden Planet was one of the top box office earners that year. Full of innovative special effects and weird electronic music, the movie remains one of the most influential science fiction films of the twentieth… »8/13/12 7:43pm8/13/12 7:43pm

New "Forbidden Planet" Delves into Creation of Alien Tech

With The Day the Earth Stood Still bowing next week, you'll want to brace yourself for more epic re-imaginings of iconic 1950s scifi: J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Shakespearean alien melodrama Babylon 5, is hard at work on what he mysteriously calls "not a remake, not a reimagining, not exactly a prequel" of … »12/01/08 4:50pm12/01/08 4:50pm

Babylon 5 Creator's Forbidden Planet Another Slice Of Retro

It's not just JJ Abrams' Star Trek »11/08/08 12:00pm11/08/08 12:00pm remake that's taking upcoming science fiction back to yesterday's future - Now we're hearing that J. Michael Straczynski's movie is similarly setting up a trip in the way-back machine as well. The project, , turns out not to be a remake, but a "continuation" of the original movie -…

Robby The Robot Makes Comeback In Forbidden Planet Remake

It seems like only two weeks ago, we were asking where why more movies weren't remaking the classics »10/31/08 6:00pm10/31/08 6:00pm, and apparently Warners was listening... kind of. , the sci-fi version of Shakespeare's , is getting the makeover treatment, courtesy of 's J. Michael Straczynski and producer Joel Silver.The Hollywood Reporter says…