How a Beautiful Woman With a Cow's Tail Will Win Your Heart in Thale

Norway makes the best monster movies. From the Nazi zombies of Dead Snow to the Christian blood sniffing beasts of Trollhunter, when it comes to big bads, Norway is the only country churning out anything new. And to that pile of supernatural bad-assery we would like to add the new movie Thale. Spoilers ahead... »4/05/13 7:40pm4/05/13 7:40pm


The Horde Makes Mobster Zombie Pie And Feast III Details

Welcome back! This week, we've got the first storyboard still from Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher’s film La Horde »10/12/08 8:00pm10/12/08 8:00pm () which puts together, cops, robbers, zombies and skyscrapers. The image is fantastic and in full below. Plus footage John Gulagers' has been screened and it's got three times the blood and guts of…