These psychedelic animal specimens are unlike anything you've ever seen

Say hello to the technicolor dream cadavers of Iori Tomita. By combining classical specimen preservation techniques with meticulous staining methods, the Japanese artists transforms fish, squid, turtles and even chameleons into a menagerie of multi-colored hell beasts. Go ahead and take a peek — you've never seen… » 7/26/12 2:09pm 7/26/12 2:09pm

Poisonous formaldehyde may have saved all life on Earth billions of…

About 4.4 billion years ago, a Mars-sized planet crashed into Earth. This cataclysmic event actually made Earth melt, and the fallout from the collision became the Moon. So how did Earth's earliest organic molecules hang on during these apocalyptic times? » 4/25/11 1:26pm 4/25/11 1:26pm

Could the Cloverfield Monster Ever Top This?

We just told you about how Host 2, the sequel to last year's awesome giant-pollution-monster movie from Korea, would have multiple cool monsters. Well, here's one of 'em, from the first Host. Top this, Cloverfield weenies! If your monster were this cool, I bet you wouldn't be afraid to show it before the flick comes… » 1/10/08 2:30pm 1/10/08 2:30pm