How Long Before The Dystopian Fad Wears Off?

The bleaker our reality gets, the more we'll need bright, sunny escapism in our entertainment. But even though things are already looking pretty darn hard-scrabble, and we're still looking at another few years of eco-disasters, zombie holocausts and blighted landscapes in pop culture. Just how long will we be seeing… » 10/27/08 6:03pm 10/27/08 6:03pm

Big Prizes and Population Control Await Fortuna's Contestants

Winners of reality shows like American Idol » 10/08/08 10:14am 10/08/08 10:14am may go home with a ticket to fame and fortune, or risk disappointment, heartbreak, and public humiliation. But could any prize convince contestants to risk death? In upcoming movie , members of a desperate future underclass play a mysterious game where the winner gets to…