Famous Climate Scientist Goes Postal, Tries to Lock up Big Oil CEOs

One of the most well-respected climatologists in the world, James Hansen was pissed off about global warming way before it was cool to be 'green' — like, 1988. He's such a baddass that in 2006 he took on his employer, NASA, and the Bush Administration, publicly accusing them of supressing his research, which provided… »6/23/08 12:35pm6/23/08 12:35pm

Aliens Want To Know What We Did With Their Fossil Fuels

The end of fossil fuels on Earth is coming, probably within the next century. This is a unique event in the history of our planet, but one that science fiction hasn't dealt with all that much. Our sophisticated global civilization is built on the the foundation of cheap, readily available oil. So what happens when we… »2/13/08 12:40pm2/13/08 12:40pm