The X-Files Could Have Ended With a West Wing Crossover

While the series finale of The X-Files ended with a scene between Mulder and Scully, there was originally a different ending to the series. The clip above shows that final scene and commentary from executive producer Frank Spotnitz describing how they'd originally wanted Martin Sheen to appear. » 4/01/15 1:30am Today 1:30am

Don't Watch This Clip If You're Afraid Of Heights (Or Killer Robot Bugs)

Tom Selleck is fleeing from an evil mad scientist with a super gun (played by Gene Simmons from Kiss) so he gets into a freight elevator on a building site — only to go hundreds of feet up, and get trapped, when the elevator breaks down. And then the deadly robot insects show up... » 3/31/15 6:14pm Yesterday 6:14pm

Anybody Remember The Long Lost  Cartoon Super Turbo Atomic Mega Rabbit?

It's a shame that Saturday morning animation blocks are now extinct. Was there ever a greater anthropomorphic action cartoon than Super Turbo Atomic Mega Rabbit? Thankfully YouTuber Mr GeekyGod has salvaged the intro from an old VHS and posted it online for your viewing pleasure: » 3/28/15 8:45am Saturday 8:45am

Alien Vs. Flying Worm Baby Vs. Chow Yun-Fat

This clip from 1986's The Seventh Curse is the reason why we are all alive on this planet. A group of Chinese adventurers in a Northern Thai temple get attacked by a demon that looks like a Xenomorph from Alien. Then the Xenomorph fights a flying worm baby. But the best bit is when Chow Yun-Fat shows up. » 3/24/15 8:00pm 3/24/15 8:00pm

Matthew Broderick Is Prince Charming In The Strangest Cinderella Of All

Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella was pleasingly silly, and boasted a completely insane cast. But it just can't compete with this 1985 version. See for yourself: That's Matthew Broderick, pre-Ferris Bueller, as Prince Charming. Plus Flashdance's Jennifer Beals as Cinderella, and All in the Family's Jean Stapleton as the… » 3/20/15 9:00pm 3/20/15 9:00pm

Exterminate Your Stress With This Dalek Relaxation Tape

It's been a long week, but now at last it's Friday night. Which means it's finally time to kick back and relax. Here to help you do that is the supreme lifeform of the universe, a Dalek, who has some soothing words for you. [via Digg] » 3/13/15 10:44pm 3/13/15 10:44pm

Everything You Need To Know About The Ring Cycle In One Hilarious Talk

Our favorite fantasy stories owe a huge debt to Norse mythology — especially Norse mythology as filtered through Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle of operas. But how can you make sense of all the craziness? Here is Anna Russell, a professional opera comedian, to help you sort it out. » 3/02/15 7:00pm 3/02/15 7:00pm

The French Remake Of Hot Tub Time Machine Has A Lot More Motor Scooters

Just imagine if Hot Tub Time Machine was more sophisticated and European, and less... I don't know what, crass and American. Yes? Then you would have something like BIS, which borrows the basic idea of HTTM, but with no hot tub. And a lot more riding around on motor scooters. » 2/20/15 9:00pm 2/20/15 9:00pm

Supercut Of Knight Rider's Sexytime Scenes Will Make You Uncomfortable

You probably don't remember quite how skeevy David Hasselhoff could get on Knight Rider. So here's a refresher course, compiled for you by the peeps at and premiered exclusively at io9. » 2/12/15 11:30am 2/12/15 11:30am

Mel Brooks Co-Wrote A Musical Based On The Archy And Mehitabel Books

Did you know that Mel Brooks co-wrote an Archy and Mehitabel musical? I didn't, until after I wrote about the Don Marquis books about the cockroach and cat the other day. Eartha Kitt — Eartha Kitt! — starred in the original stage version. And later, they did an animated movie version. » 2/05/15 8:00pm 2/05/15 8:00pm

Shaun Of The Dead Outtake Features Simon Pegg As John Lennon

This is so silly I can hardly stand it: An outtake from Shaun of the Dead, in which Simon Pegg and Peter Serafinowicz pretend to be John Lennon and Paul McCartney (instead of Shaun and Pete). This may be old footage, but it's new to me – and really, who can't get on board with Simon Pegg corpsing all over the place? » 1/31/15 10:29am 1/31/15 10:29am

Danger 5's Parody Of 1980s High School Movies Is Both Absurd And Spot-On

At long last, a new season of the insane spies-vs-Hitler show Danger 5 has started airing in Australia. We brought you a sneak peek a month ago, but now the first four episodes are on YouTube in their entirety. Here's our favorite: a totally perfect (and yet nonsensical) spoof of 80s high-school movies. » 1/27/15 7:00pm 1/27/15 7:00pm

Jim Rockford Warned Us About Google And Facebook Back In 1978

Why didn't we listen? The fourth season of The Rockford Files, arguably the greatest television show of all time, features a "futuristic" storyline about a terrible threat. What if a private corporation used computers to gather personal information on hundreds of millions of Americans? Could we trust them with that… » 1/22/15 6:00pm 1/22/15 6:00pm

There'll Never Be Another Space TV Show Like Far Out Space Nuts

Back in the day, space opera on television could get pretty crazy. You had heroes who weren't just your standard intrepid space explorers, and stories that were willing to go completely bonkers. But few shows were as genre-breaking and ridiculous as Far Out Space Nuts, from Sid and Marty Krofft. » 1/19/15 4:40pm 1/19/15 4:40pm

Here's Sigourney Weaver Test-Firing the Flamethrower From Alien 

Your spirit animal is a honey badger? That's nice. My spirit animal is Sigourney Weaver in a jumpsuit unleashing a plume of hot death over what looks like a dry, potentially disastrous, patch of grass. » 1/18/15 5:00pm 1/18/15 5:00pm

The Gender-Swapped Queen Kong Is Basically The Most Ridiculous Movie

Ray Fay gets dressed up in a pink boa and shiny pants and fed to Queen Kong, who falls in love with him. Then the giant ape fights a T-rex for the man she loves, in this completely bonkers clip from the movie Queen Kong. The best bit is where he teaches Queen Kong how to kick a dinosaur in the nuts. » 1/13/15 7:02pm 1/13/15 7:02pm

Long Before Batman Vs. Superman, We Had The Great Amazons Vs. Supermen

We still have high hopes for the collision of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the big screen — but we've already gotten a totally insane superhero team-up involving Amazons. Back in 1975, Hong Kong's Shaw Bros. and Italy's Cinematografica teamed up to give us the movie Amazons Vs. Supermen. » 1/02/15 8:00pm 1/02/15 8:00pm

Charlie Brooker Gives You The Year's "Reasons To Be Fearful"

The media critic and creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, does his own version of Ian Dury and the Blockheads' "Reasons to be Cheerful" called "Reasons to be Fearful" — it's a pretty good rundown of why everything sucked in 2014. Plus a few reasons to hope for 2015. » 12/31/14 1:21pm 12/31/14 1:21pm

Futureworld's Sexy Dreamscape, With Bondage, Red Ninjas And Yul Brynner

HBO's TV series of Westworld is expected to push the envelope in all kinds of ways... but it will never be able to match the "WTF, guys" insanity of this dream sequence from the sequel, Futureworld. Yul Brynner makes a cameo as the sexypants gunslinger, shooting bondage ninjas and then lassooing Blythe Danner. » 12/26/14 7:00pm 12/26/14 7:00pm

This Supercut Of Super Sentai Heroine Transformations Is My Happy Place

Japan's insanely long-running Super Sentai series has produced a lot of really amazing female heroes and villains — including one who blows explosive kisses at people. (In the U.S., we know Super Sentai as Power Rangers, sort of.) Here's a lovely reel of Super Sentai Heroines transforming. Warning: highly addictive. » 12/25/14 6:00pm 12/25/14 6:00pm