Canada May Have Just Set A Fracking Earthquake World Record 

Late last month, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake shook the town of Fox Creek, Alberta. The province's energy regulator is pointing the finger at hydraulic fracturing which, if confirmed, would make it the largest earthquake ever to have been induced by the method. » 2/02/15 1:20pm 2/02/15 1:20pm

A Terrible Rumor About Fracking Wrecks Scientific Research

Researchers recently published a study about how to trace fracking fluid. The idea was to figure out how to identify potential groundwater contamination. And then the media spin cycle created a giant mess. » 11/26/14 10:53am 11/26/14 10:53am

Hundreds of Earthquakes In Ohio Linked To Fracking

You can't blame hydraulic fracturing for every natural disaster, but newly published research has linked 400 small earthquakes in Ohio last year to the geology-busting technique. » 10/16/14 4:40pm 10/16/14 4:40pm

This Part Of The US Is Spewing Methane Into The Air At An Alarming Rate

See that small "hot spot" in the U.S. Southwest near the Four Corners region? It shows an extraordinarily dense concentration of the greenhouse gas methane. At triple the standard ground-based estimate, it's the largest concentration ever seen over the United States. So what's causing it? » 10/10/14 7:20am 10/10/14 7:20am

You Can't Blame Fracking for Every Natural Disaster

I'm seeing a lot of stories about the link between injection wells and induced earthquakes in Oklahoma, but most of them make the same error. This study had nothing to do with fracking. The injection wells in Oklahoma causing the swarms of small-magnitude earthquakes are actually used for getting rid of wastewater. » 7/08/14 11:45am 7/08/14 11:45am

Oklahoma Now Has More Small Earthquakes than California

Oklahoma now produces more small magnitude three earthquakes than California. A new study links four massive injection wells in Oklahoma to a swarm of earthquakes. For once, the wastewater is not related to fracking, the controversial resource extraction technique. » 7/04/14 1:24pm 7/04/14 1:24pm

Thousands of oil and gas wells on federal land are not being inspected, putting the environment in peril. Drilling has expanded in recent years because of fracking—and more than 3,700 wells are rated as high risks for water contamination and other hazards. But the Bureau of Land Management inspected only 1,600 of them. » 5/19/14 1:30pm 5/19/14 1:30pm

A new report says that chemicals used in fracking may be causing serious hormonal disorders in humans, including those linked to cancer, low fertility rates, and decreased sperm quality. So, in addition to causing earthquakes and spewing radioactive water, fracking also appears to mess up our endocrine system. » 12/20/13 4:10pm 12/20/13 4:10pm

Scientists find radioactive fracking waste in Pennsylvanian stream

A group of Duke University scientists have found concentrations of radium, a highly radioactive substance, in a stream near a facility that treats wastewater left over from hydraulic fracturing. The concentrations are 200 times higher than background levels — and they're in the water supply. » 10/03/13 2:43pm 10/03/13 2:43pm

Oklahoma’s strongest earthquake has been linked to the oil industry

A new study in the journal Geology is linking Oklahoma’s November 6th, 2011, earthquake to the injection of wastewater deep underground — water that’s used both in fracking and the extraction of petroleum from conventional oil wells. The 5.6 magnitude quake, the most significant to ever hit the region, injured two… » 3/28/13 6:20am 3/28/13 6:20am

The U.S. will become energy independent by 2035 — but at what cost?

The International Energy Agency has released a report in which it's predicting that the U.S. will become the world's largest producer of oil by 2020 — surpassing even Saudi Arabia. The IEA report also predicts that the U.S. will be a net exporter of oil by 2030 and nearly self-sufficient in energy by 2035. This… » 11/13/12 2:40pm 11/13/12 2:40pm

Fracking can cause earthquakes

No, we're not referring to Starbuck and Apollo getting it on on Battlestar Galactica — but rather, "fracking" is a technique of drilling for natural gas. And it can cause even bigger disruptions than an ill-judged hookup between two Colonial pilots. » 11/04/11 12:10pm 11/04/11 12:10pm

Citizens of Granville, PA can set their tap water on fire

Since June of last year, Granville, Pennsylvania's Sherry Vargson has had to cook using water, not from her tap, but from a five gallon jug. » 9/27/11 3:00pm 9/27/11 3:00pm