12 Incredibly Strange Underground Realms from Science Fiction

Don't judge a book by its cover. Beauty is only skin deep. There are countless aphorisms about looking below the surface of things, because you never know what you might find — for instance, if you looked below the surface of the Earth, you might find lost civilizations, underground empires, and/or lots and lots of… »1/02/14 1:00pm1/02/14 1:00pm

Mabel falls in love with a cloned boy band on Gravity Falls

This week in the world of cartoons we get an awesome episode of Gravity Falls, a BMO-centric Adventure Time episode, and a Fraggle Rock marathon! Ultimate Spider-Man, Transformers: Prime, and TMNT are off this week, but the shows should return next week. Teen Titans Go! begins next week as well, and we have a sneak… »4/20/13 10:00am4/20/13 10:00am