Imagine what Jurassic Park might be like if it had bred Freddy Krueger

A few hours ago, Gotham Academy writer Becky Cloonan pondered a thought I'm sure everyone's had - what if instead of breeding Dinosaurs, Jurassic Park hatched Freddy Krueger? Artists rushed to visualise her idea, resulting in some hilarious sketches. » 11/10/14 3:20pm 11/10/14 3:20pm

Undead Jughead Reigns In Exclusive Afterlife With Archie Mondo Reveal

This weekend marks the first ever MondoCon, and to celebrate we are giving you all an exclusive look at one of the many spectacular works of art that will be on display and on sale in Austin. Behold Francesco Francavilla's Afterlife with Archie work. » 9/18/14 1:20pm 9/18/14 1:20pm

If superheroes competed in the Olympics what would their events be?

Some Olympic athletes seem to have superhuman abilities, but these posters ask: what if fictional superheroes decided to compete in the winter Olympics? » 2/17/14 10:40am 2/17/14 10:40am

Breaking Bad's episodes as stark, minimalist posters

As we prepare to bid farewell to Breaking Bad, let's revisit the key images of episodes from long ago—and not so long ago—with these episode posters by Francesco Francavilla. » 9/29/13 7:00am 9/29/13 7:00am

Batman reimagined as a 1970s grindhouse flick

Francesco Francavilla's Batman 1972 illustrations take the Dark Knight back to the 1970s, where he chainsmokes and does business with a mustached Commissioner Gordon. It's Batsploitation! » 6/02/13 11:00am 6/02/13 11:00am

Read a sneak preview of the next issue of Swamp Thing

The character Swamp Thing has gone through many strange metamorphoses over the years. And in author Scott Snyder's current (and enjoyably creepy) story line, Dr. Alec Holland has only reluctantly taken on the mantle of the mossy champion to do battle with a malevolent primordial force known as The Rot. » 5/30/12 2:30pm 5/30/12 2:30pm

What if Calvin & Hobbes were rebooted as hardboiled pulp detectives?

We've featured the artwork of Black Panther illustrator Francesco Francavilla before, but he's outdone himself with these posters for C.H. Investigations, a gumshoe firm that's 50% luchador (à la Santo). Can Bill Watterson come out of retirement for this? » 7/12/11 3:30pm 7/12/11 3:30pm

Doctor Who episodes illustrated as striking posters

Comic book artist Francesco Francavilla is illustrating each episode of the current Doctor Who season, representing each hour as a simple and striking black-and-white image. [Francesco Francavilla via Forbidden Planet International] » 6/25/11 8:30am 6/25/11 8:30am

What if the Avengers formed in the 1500s?

Black Panther artist Francesco Francavilla has dreamt up a roster for the Avengers circa the Age of Discovery. Meet Earth's First Heroes, a team that includes "Captain Amerigo" and a Celtic Hulk. » 10/23/10 7:55am 10/23/10 7:55am

The Marvel Universe's noir New York by Francesco Francavilla

Dardevil's heroic credentials were tarnished in the recent Shadowland miniseries, so Marvel's released teaser images by io9 favorite Francesco Francavilla auditioning a new Man Without Fear. My money's on Kraven or Falcon as the scion to Hell's Kitchen. » 8/08/10 7:30am 8/08/10 7:30am

The many faces of Nick Fury, Agent of S.U.A.V.E.

This week, the always entertaining Comic Twart collective illustrated everyone's favorite stogie-chomping super-spy — Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury. Furthermore, they went the extra mile and drew the 1960s version of Nick. Groovy. » 7/18/10 2:30pm 7/18/10 2:30pm

Tintin will make you cry

This heartbreaking rendering of Herge's homesick hero comes from Francesco Francavilla — one of the comic artists of that Comic Twart collective we told you about. And this week, they're giving their love to Tintin. » 6/24/10 1:00pm 6/24/10 1:00pm