Watch This Short Animated Horror Film, Written By Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers' spooky campfire tale "Francis" first debuted on the radio program This American Life, and now you can watch the story of a girl's misadventure at a lake as an animated film. » 3/31/14 10:53am 3/31/14 10:53am

A Note To Everyone Who Says YouTubers Should 'Get A Real Job'

Some people on the Internet haven't been too sympathetic to the YouTubers whose livelihoods have been affected by YouTube's recent Content ID sweeps. Boohoo, they say. Get a real job. » 12/13/13 6:55pm 12/13/13 6:55pm

The Bittersweet Story of Francis, YouTube's Biggest Video Game Nerd

It'd be easy to think that getting a PS4 four days before most of the world was the coolest thing to happen to the man who plays combustible video game nerd Francis on YouTube. Or maybe it was having Xbox exec Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb fly down to his house for a trash-talking lightsaber battle that ended with Francis… » 11/28/13 2:41pm 11/28/13 2:41pm