Why Can't We Stop a Hurricane Before It Hits Us?

Hurricane Sandy has caused untold billions of dollars in damage and insane casualties. And we saw the "Frankenstorm" coming, for days in advance. We can send people into space and put vehicles on Mars - why can't we stop a hurricane in its tracks, before it comes to our major population centers and starts rolling for… » 10/31/12 12:18pm 10/31/12 12:18pm

Sandy took its toll on the Space Shuttle Enterprise, too

It appears that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was damaged during the Superstorm. The shuttle, which is NASA's original prototype orbiter, was on display inside an inflatable covering aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. CollectSpace reports: "Photos show the 180-foot-long (55 meters) by 60-foot-high (18… » 10/31/12 6:34am 10/31/12 6:34am

Will scientists now be more inclined to admit that climate change is causing extreme weather?

Now that the damage inflicted by Sandy is becoming apparent, the blame game has begun - and the finger is being pointed directly at climate change. And in fact, as Mark Fischetti writes in SciAm today, the disaster is finally emboldening scientists to standup and call it like it is. » 10/30/12 10:10am 10/30/12 10:10am

Tell us how you're preparing for and coping with the Storm of the Century

Hurricane Sandy is only a few hours away from making landfall along the East coast. This unprecedented weather system is not just intensely powerful — it's also massive; satellite photos show that the so-called Frankenstorm is over 625 miles (1,000 km) wide. So, if you live anywhere along the upper East coast and… » 10/29/12 7:10am 10/29/12 7:10am

Incredible footage of what happened when a massive hurricane hit New England in 1938

While the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada hunker down and wait for the fury of Frankenstorm to abate, you can rest assured that we've survived worse. In this footage of some of the most terrifying storms ever to hit New England, you can find out what it looks like when major American cities are slammed by… » 10/28/12 9:38pm 10/28/12 9:38pm

Google Maps predict the future of Frankenstorm in real time

If you want to track potential damage from Frankenstorm in real time, or find the nearest shelters, Google has put together a fantastic crisis map for the New York City area. It's a constantly-updating record not of where the storm has gone, but of where it's likely to go based on the data that's coming in from… » 10/28/12 3:30pm 10/28/12 3:30pm

Is Frankenstorm the result of climate change? Scientists weigh in.

"Frankenstorm" is the most popular name for the upcoming super-storm due to hit the eastern seaboard with floods tomorrow. As Dot Earth's Andrew Revkin points out, this nickname makes it sound like the storm was created by humans and our climate-changing ways. It's also a reference to the fact that this storm is… » 10/28/12 2:17pm 10/28/12 2:17pm

What you need to know about the upcoming 'Frankenstorm'

Folks out on the East coast of the United States and Canada are bracing themselves for what could be a remarkably severe storm, one that has been dubbed 'Frankenstorm' on account of its tripartite composition. The mega-storm is expected to make landfall early next week just as three major weather systems collide —… » 10/26/12 6:20am 10/26/12 6:20am