An exclusive sneak peek at June's issue of X-Men Legacy

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, here's the first look at the cover of June's issue of X-Men Legacy. This issue ties in with this summer's Avengers Vs. X-Men crossover and stars Joanna Cargill, also known as the reluctant X-Men ally Frenzy. Author Christos Gage is picking up where former Legacy scribe Mike Carey left off,… »3/07/12 12:00pm3/07/12 12:00pm


Teeny Decepticon Makes Sam Witwicky Scream Like A Girl

During the Transformers 2 filming in Princeton, NJ, Sam Witwicky gets attacked by what appears to be Frenzy, who appeared in the first Transformers. The silver Decepticon seems to have crashed through Sam's windshield. Watch the on set footage from Philly Film Girl and hear Sam scream, "oh my god, oh my god, get back,… »6/25/08 3:40pm6/25/08 3:40pm