Newest Insane Cop Procedural To Star A Crime-Solving Sigmund Freud

I... he... what?! Further proving there is literally nothing American TV networks won't turn into a crime procedural (or a hospital procedural), the father of modern psychoanalysis will use his knowledge of the oedipal complex to catch bad guys in the new series Freud: The Secret Casebook. » 4/16/14 1:46pm Wednesday 1:46pm

In which our critic does hardcore psychoanalysis on Demonic Toys

Has anyone done a Freudian reading of 1992's straight-to-video horror flick Demonic Toys? I hate to be, you know, that guy, but there's something about this movie that lends itself to further analysis. While it's hardly original-or even very good-it's occasionally quite effective, and I think that speaks to… » 6/10/11 2:46pm 6/10/11 2:46pm