What happens when kittens dream of outer space?

Sometimes you just have to dress kittens up in tiny little monster and insect outfits and send them into space. It's for the good of science fiction as an art form, and let's face it, the good of us all. » 3/25/11 5:00pm 3/25/11 5:00pm

How cats master the physical universe when they lap up milk

When cats drink, they never splash or make a mess. It turns out there's a solid scientific reason for that. As a group of MIT engineers discovered, feline lapping requires a finely-tuned mastery of fluid dynamics. » 11/12/10 8:30am 11/12/10 8:30am

Trivia quiz: Name that cat scare

The "cat scare" is a subcategory of the well-known "jump scare" in horror and science fiction, when our heroes are looking for the Big Bad but find a screaming kitty instead. Do you know where these cat scares come from? » 10/29/10 4:00pm 10/29/10 4:00pm

Four-eared cat is at least twenty times cuter than non-mutant kitties

This tiny Russian kitten is named Luntik, and he's got four ears. I'm pretty sure his mutant power is cuteness - just look at that ridiculous tongue! » 8/13/10 8:30am 8/13/10 8:30am

Cyborg cat walks on bionic feet

Surgeons have grafted bone-like metal prostheses onto the legs of a cat who lost its feet in a horrible accident. Now Oscar can walk again. Cat lovers may want tissues at the ready - things are about to get heartwarming. » 6/25/10 10:30am 6/25/10 10:30am

The Cat Who Wears A Bunny Suit May Have Nefarious Intentions

This is the sort of thing that cats do when they are certain that humans aren't watching. They dress up in bunny suits, commit crimes, and hold secret meetings in snowy glades to divide up the loot. » 3/05/10 5:13pm 3/05/10 5:13pm

Miyazaki's Cat Bus Has Kittens

An iconic creature from Hayao Miyazaki's legendary animated movie My Neighbor Totoro is the cat bus - a giant, flying cat whose belly is a soft, purring cab for riders. Now Nucleus Gallery is showcasing cat bus inspired art. » 2/19/10 8:30am 2/19/10 8:30am

Star Trek LOLCats. Just Cuz.

Is there anything more awesome than a cat with a bat'leth? If so, we don't want to know. The two biggest non-porn components of the Internet are Star Trek and cats. Combine the two, and it's like matter and cattymatter! » 2/05/10 9:30am 2/05/10 9:30am

The Epic Mural Of The Internet Doesn't Have Nearly Enough Cats

Mimicking Marco Brambilla's dancing Hitlers video mural, this is a staggering visual representation of the entire internet. It may be missing some nakedness and a few more cats, but it's still pretty astounding in high resolution. » 1/29/10 8:00am 1/29/10 8:00am

The Evil Magic Of Cats, Caught On Film

Known for his eerie, haunting photographs of animals, Giacomo Brunelli is one of the few artists whose pictures reveal why cats have been represented as evil beasts in so many fantasy stories. Our gallery showcases his fiendish felines. » 1/22/10 5:30pm 1/22/10 5:30pm

A Genetically-Engineered Cat With Antenna Dishes In Its Ears

This kitten is a rare genetic/cyborg experiment that poses a simple question. What would happen if cats could hear radio waves and receive data via microwave in their ears? » 10/16/09 6:40am 10/16/09 6:40am

Camera Trap Gives Us a Peek at the Rare Snow Leopard

A camera controlled by a motion sensor has lived alone on a hillside in Afghanistan for months. At last, it sensed movement. And snapped a photo, which turned out to be this lovely shot of the rare, shy snow leopard. » 8/28/09 6:13pm 8/28/09 6:13pm

Aliens Love The Secret Ingredient In Lotus Cat Food: Love (Oh, And…

Horror trashmeister Ted V. Mikels scored with Corpse Grinders, about people who make cat food out of people. But how to up the ante in Corpse Grinders 2? Try aliens who crave cat food made out of people. » 6/05/09 7:44pm 6/05/09 7:44pm

Habitats for Space Cats of the Future

Techno-utopians and cats rejoice - the greatest minds in radiator design have figured out where your cat will sleep on those icy-cold trips between the stars. » 2/13/09 12:30pm 2/13/09 12:30pm

The Mutant Cat of Minsk Initiates a Neural Connection with Its Host

AP photographer Sergei Grits caught a mutant in the act of mind control earlier this year at a cat exhibition in Minsk, Belarus. These exhibitions are a perfect cover for hyper-evolved cats planning revolution. » 12/19/08 4:09pm 12/19/08 4:09pm

First Contact Between Desert Cat and Surveillance Microdrone

A runner-up in National Geographic Traveler's recent photography contest, this image actually depicts two completely biological Earth creatures. Majed Sultan Ali shot this desert kitty stalking a flying ant. [via NatGeo] » 12/12/08 9:00am 12/12/08 9:00am

Meet The Spock Cat!

Some spam-blogger decided to auto-generate a Star Trek page, and accidentally crafted a work of brilliance. First of all, instead of getting a picture of Spock, they pulled in someone's photo of a cat that has the most Spock-like expression you've ever seen. Also, there are quotes from Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine… » 11/07/08 1:00pm 11/07/08 1:00pm