Brace yourself for a Twilight Zone marathon. Plus Primeval begins and…

This week, we have the season finale of Tower Prep and the season premiere of Primeval, and marathons of Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, and assorted other classics. Plus Rufus Sewell meets a mermaid, and Alec "Obi-Wan" Guinness pioneers science-fiction comedy. » 12/27/10 9:00am 12/27/10 9:00am

Warehouse 13 finally does the Indiana Jones episode — and it rules!

When Warehouse 13 first started airing, one of the two things everybody said was, "It's just like the warehouse where Indiana Jones' stuff gets stored." And finally, after two seasons, we get the full-on Indy treatment...and it's awesome. Spoilers below! » 9/16/10 7:30am 9/16/10 7:30am