See Philosophical Concepts Explained With Zelda, Mega Man, and Contra

Have trouble understanding the philosophical notions proposed by Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Immanuel Kant? 8-Bit Philosophy illustrates big ideas about the nature of reality and free will using classic video games. » 5/23/14 10:44am 5/23/14 10:44am

Who would win in a fight between Superman and Nietzsche's √úbermensch?

Superman or Nietzschean Superman? José Quintero's Allegorical Superheroes series places costumed superheroes in philosophical or mythological scenes. Superman squares off against Friedrich Nietzsche as his Übermensch; Spider-Man and Venom play David and Goliath, and Batman battles the crime dragon as St. George. » 5/12/13 7:30am 5/12/13 7:30am