On Fringe, intelligence directly correlates to evil

Fringe has always explored the notion of what happens when smart people Go Too Far, through the cautionary tales of Walter Bishop and countless other mad scientists. But with this latest storyline, the show actually seems to be suggesting that being smart is almost inevitably a path to iniquity. Which... huh. » 11/17/12 11:00am 11/17/12 11:00am

Fringe tells the truth about your fake relationships

Fringe took on a heavy legacy when it decided to name an episode after one of Philip K. Dick's greatest novels. But last night's spectacular episode actually delivered something approaching a PKD-level of insanity and neuron disruption. Spoilers ahead. » 10/15/10 9:00am 10/15/10 9:00am

Why do people keep handing Walter Bishop the keys to the deathmobile?

Walter Bishop has already ruined one Earth and become one of the greatest destroyers in history — but is he doomed to do it again? Last night's disturbing Fringe made us wonder. Spoilers ahead... » 10/01/10 5:29pm 10/01/10 5:29pm

And you thought Fringe couldn't get any creepier...

Fringe has beamed some pretty ooky science onto your retinas over the past couple of years — but last night's season premiere was likeliest to make your skin crawl. Turns out that both Walter Bishops like to experiment on Olivia. » 9/24/10 5:50pm 9/24/10 5:50pm

Things to think about on the long wait for Fringe season 3

Fringe season two didn't end with a gonzo shock like the undamaged Twin Towers at the end of season one. But that's okay, because it gave us a zillion things to think about, especially in its final moments. Spoilers ahead... » 5/21/10 4:30pm 5/21/10 4:30pm

Fringe Is Becoming The Show That Lost Wishes It Could Be

J.J. Abrams has unleashed two television shows about faith and science and strange reflections of reality. Fringe will never be as popular as Lost, but it has the potential to be far greater, as it proved last night. Spoilers below... » 5/14/10 12:30pm 5/14/10 12:30pm

5 Things That Were Awesome In Last Week's Fringe

Last Thursday's Fringe was the second of two "filler" episodes between Peter running away and the other shoe dropping. It wasn't our favorite episode, but there were five things about it that we really loved. Spoilers ahead... » 5/11/10 12:00pm 5/11/10 12:00pm

The Trippiest Scene From Last Night's Fringe

In mad scientist Walter Bishop's storytale version of reality, Walter's a lovable inventor who's created everything that little children love: rainbows, bubble gum, hugs... and singing corpses. Of course. Also, check out Gene the Cow's makeover! » 4/30/10 2:30pm 4/30/10 2:30pm

Walter Bishop Is The Greatest Tragic Figure On Television

Last night's Fringe dipped about 10 percent in the ratings, which is a damned shame since this episode would have turned anyone into a die-hard fan of the show. Not to mention, leaving you obsessed with Walter Bishop. Spoilers ahead... » 4/23/10 3:58pm 4/23/10 3:58pm

The One Magnificent Scene From Last Night's Fringe: Walter Bishop Meets…

We forgot everything about last night's Fringe episode as soon as we were done watching it — almost as if Peter Weller had traveled back in time to before it aired. Except for this one wonderful scene. Spoilers ahead... » 4/16/10 11:00am 4/16/10 11:00am

Olivia Dunham Vs. The Cancer Hand!

Last night's Fringe felt pretty run-of-the-mill after the previous week's incredible episode. Olivia dithered, Walter made taffy, and a creepy guy ran around giving people bubble-wrap face. Spoilers ahead... » 4/09/10 12:40pm 4/09/10 12:40pm

Eric Stoltz In Back To The Future? Cellphones In 1985?

Last night, Fringe showed us a lot more of the alternate universe, including a somewhat different version of 1985. More importantly, we saw Young Walter, and learned just what kind of tool he was: a complicated, conflicted one. Spoilers ahead! » 4/02/10 12:02pm 4/02/10 12:02pm

We Learn What Separates Our Dimension From Theirs, On Fringe

Last night's Fringe, called "Jacksonville," was a frustrating blend of hair-raising freakery, revelatory moments, and repetitive emotional woo-woo. Regardless of whether you liked the woo-woo, you had to love all that solid information about the alternate timeline on Earth-1. » 2/05/10 4:35pm 2/05/10 4:35pm

One Reveal Too Many On Fringe

I love Fringe to pieces, but last night's episode "The Bishop Revival" was surprisingly meh. Immortal Nazi scientists are always fun, but not when it turns into yet another reveal about the Bishop family of mad scientists. » 1/29/10 5:25pm 1/29/10 5:25pm

On Fringe, Confirmation Of A Dark Secret We Suspected All Along

On Thursday night's Fringe, called "What Lies Below," we were introduced to an ancient supervirus - and learned Walter's darkest secret. » 1/23/10 4:00pm 1/23/10 4:00pm

Walter Suffers From Anti-Catholic Rage On "Fringe"

Monday night's bonus episode of Fringe, "Unearthed," was actually a leftover episode from season one. Though odd continuity-wise, it did have one gem of a scene where Walter has a rage meltdown after being challenged by a Catholic priest. » 1/13/10 12:05pm 1/13/10 12:05pm

Fringe Solves the Mystery of Walter's Madness

Last night's Fringe resolved a mystery that stretches back to the beginning of the series: the cause of Walter Bishop's mental disorders. All it takes is our team of dimension-hopping enemy supersoldiers and and a boatload of brain surgery. » 12/11/09 4:30pm 12/11/09 4:30pm

Monster Worms Are Fringe's Latest Health Craze

Last night's Fringe gave us a new monster nightmare: giant, tentacled worms that live inside their host until they come bursting out of their faces. But it turns out that not everyone minds an encounter with their fearsome fangs. » 12/04/09 3:20pm 12/04/09 3:20pm

What We've Learned About Fringe's Observers

They've been lurking in the background for the entire series, and last night, Fringe's bald Observers finally stepped into the limelight. Here's what we learned about the mysterious beings who've been spying on the Fringe team. » 11/20/09 1:44pm 11/20/09 1:44pm

Always Wear Your Tinfoil Hat Inside Massive Dynamic

Last night's episode featured a mind-controlling teenager with a penchant for violence. But that's not why Astrid has her tinfoil hat firmly in place. We also learned something sinister about our corporate friends at Massive Dynamic. » 11/13/09 1:30pm 11/13/09 1:30pm