Do eternally optimistic people just have malfunctioning frontal lobes?

From an evolutionary perspective, excessive optimism is generally a bad idea. After all, if you're constantly assuming good things will happen, you'll probably be ill-prepared when bad things inevitably come along. Now scientists have an explanation...which isn't exactly flattering to the eternally optimistic. » 10/10/11 11:40am 10/10/11 11:40am

What happens to your brain under the influence of music

From the perspective of neuroscience, listening to music is one of the most complex things you can do. Many parts of your brain have to work together to comprehend even the simplest tune. So what is music really doing to our minds? » 9/07/11 9:36am 9/07/11 9:36am

How an iron rod to the skull changed neuroscience forever

On September 13, 1848, an accidental explosion drove a meter-long iron rod through the skull of Vermont railway worker Phineas Gage. Incredibly, Gage survived, but the lingering side-effects provided science its first clues about how the brain affects our personality. » 3/07/11 5:00pm 3/07/11 5:00pm