Engineers create gasoline from air and water. Yes, really.

In what sounds more like alchemy than science, a small British company has figured out a way to create gasoline from air and water. To do so, engineers at Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) produced five litres (1.3 gallons) of the fuel by extracting carbon dioxide from air, and hydrogen from water, which was then combined in… »10/19/12 3:49pm10/19/12 3:49pm

Why a simple bed of algae could save us from water pollution and fuel shortages

With water shortages looming in the future, we need new ways to clean water that's been fouled by human waste, agricultural runoff and industry. A new article published in BioScience (free PDF link) shows that we can use naturally-occurring algae as a filter. The plants would not only make the water suitable for… »6/02/11 12:44pm6/02/11 12:44pm

Laser-powered rockets could be our pipeline to outer space

It's an awesome solution to a simple problem: you need ridiculous amounts of fuel to get a rocket into orbit. However, if the rocket fuel was considerably hotter, it would be more energetic, and you'd need way less fuel to launch the rocket. So why don't we just shoot powerful lasers at rockets? It's so insane that it… »2/15/11 3:45pm2/15/11 3:45pm

Fuel-Hungry Pirates Steal Used Cooking Oil to Run Their Cars

Restaurants across the United States are reporting that thieves are stealing their used cooking oil, turning it into black-market biodiesel made in garage distilleries. In many cities where biodiesel fuel is popular, restaurants can earn up to $1.25 per gallon of the used stuff. Oil pirates, however, are rarely… »5/23/08 10:00am5/23/08 10:00am