Recalling Another Famous Prison Break As The Search Continues For NY Duo

Behold “the Texas Seven,” violent convicts who escaped from Texas’ maximum-security John B. Connally Unit Prison on Dec. 13, 2000. You thought “Have a nice day” (with racist drawing) was an odd note to leave behind? The Texas Seven’s missive was far more ominous: “You haven’t heard the last of us yet.” »6/11/15 8:00pm6/11/15 8:00pm


Four Notorious Fugitives Who Were Caught — And One Who’s Still At Large

A fugitive can become a folk hero — or a desperate criminal whose acts become more terrifying the higher the stakes become. Sometimes, they can be both at once. Here, we present five different cases of men who managed to elude the law for years, even decades, before finally facing justice ... or not. »3/27/15 3:42pm3/27/15 3:42pm