Where Will Researchers Test Telescope Equipment In The Future?

The Lick Observatory in the mountains east of San Jose, California, is the testing grounds for all-new technology developed by graduate students in the Univeristy of California system. At least, it has been. Now it's being defunded, it's an open question where testing will take place in the not-so-distant future. »9/05/14 1:02am9/05/14 1:02am


How is the sequester affecting science in America?

The Federal Government's budget sequester has left the nation's science and technology funding at its lowest in years. As predicted, labs are ditching projects and scientists; researchers are looking overseas for jobs and funding; health initiatives are being hamstrung; and federal agencies across the board are… »9/10/13 11:30am9/10/13 11:30am

Help make science fiction and fantasy conventions more awesome, by bringing in cool writers from overseas

Here's a rare chance to help a few important voices in the global science fiction conversation — and help make conventions more interesting at the same time. The World SF Travel Fund aims to "enable one international person involved in science fiction, fantasy or horror to travel to a major genre event." The first… »8/01/11 7:30pm8/01/11 7:30pm