This adjustable chair let 18th-century women give birth in something…

From the ancient times until the 1800s, many women gave birth with the aid of parturition chairs, specially designed seats that allowed women to sit upright or recline while giving birth. This particular chair had padded leather rests for the mother's legs, but the parturition chairs came in a number of flavors. Some… » 11/18/12 9:00am 11/18/12 9:00am

10 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Futuristic Fortress

You know you want a house that's self-aware, self-cleaning, and run by computers that anticipate your every need. Well, maybe the self-awareness is a little creepy, but the rest sounds just fine. Just think - in a century, you'll be able to press a button and rearrange your dining room into a dance floor, or morph… » 2/28/11 10:00am 2/28/11 10:00am