The ordinary home lives of dragons, gryphons, and mystical deer

Over the last few years, photographer Tom Broadbent had been getting to know and photographing people who participate in furry fandom, fursuits and all. His ongoing series At Home with the Furries shows fursuited folks in ordinary settings doing ordinary things. On the one hand, his photos show the mundane side of… » 2/03/13 2:00pm 2/03/13 2:00pm

I can't stop looking at this Furry drawing book

I blame Disney's Robin Hood for my fascination with furries. I love their mascot-like outfits, their button eyes, their tails. I love the strange way they anthropomorphize animals with cheerleading outfits, and yet refuse to give them shoes. So when I was sent Draw More Furries by Jared Hodges and Linsday Cibos, I… » 12/14/12 2:05pm 12/14/12 2:05pm