Designing Elysium: All The Secrets of Neill Blomkamp's Stark Future

Neill Blomkamp blew our minds with District 9, and now he's back with Elysium. We talked to concept artists and the movie's VFX producer to find out how they imagined a future space station, with the help of legendary designer Syd Mead. Here's our exclusive look inside the design of Neill Blomkamp's Elysium! » 8/08/13 12:33pm 8/08/13 12:33pm

Wow, a Dystopian Coming-of-Age Novel With Actual Real Science

At this point the glut of novels about a young person growing up in a fearsome dystopia has become kind of insane, especially as the dystopias have gotten more and more far-fetched. So it's refreshing to read a novel like Jane Rogers' Testament of Jessie Lamb, where the dark future involves actual science. And real… » 5/23/13 4:43pm 5/23/13 4:43pm

Now at last we know why Peter and Olivia are important on Fringe

Fringe has been teasing us for ages with hints that Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham are super important — and that their romance could have universe-shattering (or saving) consequences. Now, with last night's episode, we finally get to see the reason why these two lovebirds matter so doggone much. » 4/21/12 9:00am 4/21/12 9:00am

A New Dystopian Novella by Margaret Atwood

When Margaret Atwood isn't quibbling over the definition of science fiction, she's creating some of the most fascinating visions of the near future out there. And she's just published a new short novella, published as a Kindle Single, called "I'm Starved for You." » 3/22/12 1:40pm 3/22/12 1:40pm

The Most Frequently Banned or Challenged Science Fiction and Fantasy…

It's Banned Books Week, and the American Library Association has a list of the most frequently "banned or challenged" books of each year, from 2001 to 2010. And the list is pretty interesting reading — the Harry Potter books were on top of the list in 2001 and 2002, then dropped to number two in 2003, only to vanish off… » 9/28/11 6:40am 9/28/11 6:40am

Read the first 100 pages of a dystopian young adult thriller by a…

The market is being flooded with dystopian and post-apocalyptic novels aimed at tweens and teens, thanks to the success of Hunger Games and similar books. But Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick seems to stand out from the pack, by virtue of its weird premise and its author's background: Bick is a former Air Force Major and child… » 8/30/11 1:30pm 8/30/11 1:30pm

Read the first 6 chapters of Catherine Fisher's Relic Master

If you loved the post-apocalyptic prison saga of Incarceron, then you'll be excited to know Catherine Fisher has a new series, publishing monthly. We've got an exclusive excerpt for you: the first six chapters of Fisher's Relic Master Book One. » 5/17/11 8:30am 5/17/11 8:30am

What would it take for grownups to love dystopian fiction as much as…

Our teens are living in horrible oppressive conditions — in their imaginations, at least. Dystopian fiction, which has never been more than a minor sub-genre in the past, has become a runaway success in young-adult publishing. » 2/22/11 1:22pm 2/22/11 1:22pm