Check Out DARPA's Insanely Agile 'Tank Of The Future'

DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technology (GSV-T) program is an effort to revolutionize tank design. To that end, the advanced concepts research wing is considering designs that focus less on armor and more on mobility and speed. This wild concept video should give you a good idea of what the U.S. military is striving to… » 9/08/14 11:40am 9/08/14 11:40am

In 20 Years, The Navy Will Be Full Of Riddicks

The U.S. Navy is looking towards the world of 2030, when its newest recruits will be just retiring. There'll be lasers, remote-controlled planes... and eye surgery to help you see in the dark. » 1/04/10 2:00pm 1/04/10 2:00pm

Nanotech Could Make Nuclear Weapons Much, Much Tinier

Are you ready for nano-weapons of mass destruction? Nanotechnology could be used to create "miniaturized nuclear weapons" that would have virtually no fallout, and super-efficient bioterrorism, warns Jane's Defense Quarterly. And they could be triggered with a super-laser! » 10/09/09 9:30am 10/09/09 9:30am

TV This Week: Chief Tyrol Invades Smallville

It's your last chance to get to know Kyle XY this week, and your second-to-last chance to discover Jericho before it goes away, maybe forever. Those both happen to be shows that I really disliked when they started, and they've both grown on me a lot. Meanwhile, Smallville features Chief Tyrol in full crazoid mode, and… » 3/17/08 9:00am 3/17/08 9:00am

Bhutto Shot with Laser Weapon

Talk about futuristic assassinations. A Pakistan newspaper reports that based on X-ray analysis, the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto was the result of a high-tech laser rifle. [Danger Room] » 1/07/08 2:52pm 1/07/08 2:52pm