30 DVD sets that'll make the new year bright

When it comes to the "gift that keeps on giving," there's nothing like a great DVD set that people will want to watch over and over. Here's the motherlode of Blu-rays and DVDs with fantastic adventures, amazing extras and more. » 12/02/10 9:00am 12/02/10 9:00am

A whole blog about the most science fictional garment of all time: the…

Why did it take so long to get a whole website devoted to unitards? Unitard Universe is the answer to at least one person's fetish, including some of the most embarrassing (and in one case, borderline obscene) unitards in history. » 6/29/10 3:30pm 6/29/10 3:30pm

The Raunchiest Science Fiction Comedies, Ranked In Order Of Nastiness

This weekend's Hot Tub Time Machine is not the raunchiest scifi comedy of all time. Let's take a moment to pay respect to the trail-blazing filth that came before. Here are some films you wouldn't watch with your grandparents. » 3/25/10 4:58pm 3/25/10 4:58pm

Bow Down Before The Greatest Dominatrixes Of Science

Click to viewIn the new Indiana Jones movie, opening Thursday, Cate Blanchett wears kinky boots and gets Indy under her thumb in more ways than one. But is she actually the greatest dominatrix in science fiction history? We decided to see how Cate stacks up against the classics of the genre, from the villain of Devil… » 5/19/08 4:54pm 5/19/08 4:54pm

A Star Wars Riff That Only A Stoner Could Love

The worst Star Wars rip-off isn't Star Crash, it's Galaxina, the 1980 vehicle for Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered soon afterwards. And of course Galaxina has to have its own annoying cantina scene, complete with aliens pretending that they can drink through the holes in their rubber masks. This one… » 1/24/08 11:20am 1/24/08 11:20am