The best worm sex death scene in the galaxy [NSFW]

To celebrate the recent release of Roger Corman classic Galaxy of Terror on DVD, we bring you this io9 flashback . . . to one of the weirdest things you'll ever see. » 8/05/10 3:54pm 8/05/10 3:54pm

Inseminoid. The Name Says It All [NSFW]

I thought Evil Aliens had the most heinous alien impregnation scene... until I saw 1981's Inseminoid, a low-rent Alien clone. And yes, this alien has a bong for a penis. Clip is NSFW. » 12/26/08 6:09pm 12/26/08 6:09pm

The Ultimate Treasure Trove of Human-Alien Love

If you can't get enough of the scene in Galaxy of Terror » 11/13/08 11:53am 11/13/08 11:53am where that lady does , then we've got a serious treat for you. There's an entire fan community out there devoted to recreating the wonders of wormly ravishment, and they've stashed a bunch of their creations at a site featuring GOT girls — you know, Galaxy of…

The Best Worm Sex Death Scene in the Galaxy [NSFW]

This scene from 1981 Z-movie Galaxy of Terror » 11/10/08 5:30pm 11/10/08 5:30pm will destroy your moral center and make you see giant worms in a whole new light. You've got your classic scifi horror plot where a ship crash-lands on a planet answering a distress call . . . and discovers an alien thingamabob that manifests their greatest fears! One of…