The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd is getting into anime with a Gaiking

Gale Anne Hurd, queen of the genre legend and tastemaker, is getting into the giant robots business. Perhaps it was something she say in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim trailer? » 12/20/12 9:10am 12/20/12 9:10am

How science fictional will AMC's 1950s drama Area 51 be?

With AMC dropping its mystery drama The Killing and Breaking Bad wrapping at the end of this season, the cable channel is looking for a new television hit. It looks like they're putting their money on Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd and Area 51, a series about the mysterious military base set in the… » 7/28/12 2:00pm 7/28/12 2:00pm

The Walking Dead is totally on the run for zombie-plagued season two

We talked to the cast and crew of The Walking Dead, and they told us what to expect for season two, why we won't be seeing any celebrity zombies, and why Frank Darabont doesn't want the show to become Lost. » 7/25/11 4:29pm 7/25/11 4:29pm

Never-Before-Seen Footage of the Alien Puppets in James Cameron's The…

We've got an exclusive video clip from FX legend Steve Johnson's archives featuring the angelic underwater alien puppets of James Cameron's The Abyss. Listen as Johnson describes with disbelief how Gale Anne Hurd and Cameron decided to hire a "23-year-old-moron" to design the alien puppet that the entire feature… » 2/09/11 12:30pm 2/09/11 12:30pm

Gale Anne Hurd: Come with me if you want to live, Terminator franchise

The years haven't been kind to the Terminator franchise, after that whole Terminator Salvation debacle. Fortunately for Skynet fans, Gale Anne Hurd, the executive producer and a cowriter of The Terminator, recently expressed interest in reviving the franchise. » 12/18/10 11:00am 12/18/10 11:00am

Walking Dead executive producer rebuffs claims of writer's room massacre

Walking Dead executive producer Gale Ann Hurd has dismissed reports that Frank Darabont fired the show's entire writing staff as "completely inaccurate." Show writer Charles Eglee may have moved on to another project, but there wasn't a mass firing. [EW] » 12/04/10 1:35pm 12/04/10 1:35pm

Alien Buddy-Cop Movie Remake Won't Die

Remember the spotty headed alien cop and his racist partner, in the classic Alien Nation? » 10/31/08 9:30am 10/31/08 9:30am Well, the rumors about a remake won't die out online, and now Producer Gale Anne Hurd () is apparently super serious about the idea to remake this buddy alien cop movie. The super producer isn't all talk, either — apparently…